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Author, Historian. June 3, 2014 gave us to our new book. West Point 41' The Class That Went To War And Shaped America. Thousands of hours of interviews over 3 years, then put on paper to tell a riveting story of what it was like to be a West Point cadet in 1937 and what followed after. Recollections that have never seen the light of day have been revealed. 12 officers of this class participated, 7 of which were generals. The book is a tight weave of what duty, honor, country meant to the men that were thrust into WWII who were all only in their early 20s.

Thomas L. Friedman: Why the U.S. can’t intervene to destroy ISIS — yet

Look at this thread? What do you see? What kind of comments are being written? What is the commonality of the thread that runs through them all? Opinions, observations. No one here has taken on the task to get rid … Continue reading

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