Thomas L. Friedman: Why the U.S. can’t intervene to destroy ISIS — yet

Look at this thread? What do you see? What kind of comments are being written? What is the commonality of the thread that runs through them all? Opinions, observations. No one here has taken on the task to get rid of ISIS? Why? let me tell you why. We live in a world of voyeurs. We like to watch. Many that want to critiisize do so behind the safety of there keyboard and monitor. Your safe, no harm will come to you being a critic. My definition of a critic is one that goes to the battlefield after the battle has been fought and kills the wounded from the battle. Lets take a leadership role here and get the problem solved. Thats what leaders do. No, its not a stand one may be comfortable with but the job gets done. Lets cut the rhetoric and solve the problem. Many of us in this country are thinking just like the powers of Turkey. They are watching from the sidelines. Syria within a few miles of their Turkish border. Should not Turkey be proactive? If Turkey does not act immediately you will see the ISIS or ISIL enter this country and be given the keys to the country along with the welcome wagon to help set them up. ISIS is here in the USA NOW. Our humanitarian refugee and asylum program is the vehicle being used The church lobby alone with the political machine is complicit in all this. There will be no favorable outcome for us here in the USA. We see the fever pitch these barbarians are using but we have to be human for we may upset our NATO allies. This is where leadership is crucial.
1. Remove rules of engagement.
2. Go to the war room, engage a plan of action that will man a assault like we have never seen.
3. Boots on the ground, drones, fighter jets, satellites, what ever we have. Get it out of month balls and lets use it. Why do we have it? Now is the time to use it
4. The Iraqi Freedom operation will look like a playground compared to this assault.
5. I know of very capable military officers who can write a doctrine on this.
6. Bring back a true leader General David Petraeus. The reason is he knows counterinsurgency and guerrilla warfare like no one around today. The Petraeus Doctrine will support, explain and exemplfy this.
This whole mess could be over by the new year.

Gen Petraeus co authored a book titled
“Total Resistance, Special Forces Guerrilla Manual Counterinsurgency

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